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In today's time, trying to live a righteous life is not easy.

It is more so the situation when society puts labels and stereotypes on a race of people and said race continues to fall into the box society has built for them.

Within this paradox, how can we not notice the repetition and recycling of individuals in and out of the prison system and not change the narrative?

It's not society's fault who believes reform works, and the selected reformed just won't bend. It's also not the misguided soul's intention to harm or maim; they are just trying to survive.

In this portrait of survivors who continue to do what they think is right, this film is:

A love story without romance,
A drama with no ending,
A poem with many poets,

All heading toward a choice that will showcase one's internal struggle with life.

Come and experience the journey to this lovely dramatic poem.



                                                                                             Director HAKIM Robinson

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