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A Hakim Robinson Short Film

Newly released after serving a five year prison sentence, a former gang leader, father of a young son; vows to do everything in his power to stay out of jail. When his former lieutenant presents him with an opportunity to make $15,000 in one night, he has to decide if he’s willing to serve as a lookout for a robbery or spend years at minimum wage jobs, saving money to open up his own restaurant.

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The Film


Crossroads is about a young man, Christopher, who has recently come home from a lengthy prison sentence. As a young man, Christopher aka Double C, was the leader of his own gang. He was well known and respected by other hustlers in the game. Now he is home, and he has decided to give up the life and focus on his family. Mainly his young son, C.J. In order to turn his life around, Christopher uses his cooking skills to make impressions on people.
One night, Christopher gets a visit from an old friend, T-Top aka Thomas, who was just a young solider in the game when Christopher was at his height. After T-Top learns that his, “Big Homie” was home from prison, he immediately went to see him.
T-Top has made a lot of progress in his life during his friends’ absence. T-Top has risen to power, and has taken control of the very streets that Christopher used to rule. When T-Top sees that his best friend is not behaving like his former self, he offers Christopher a chance to re-enter the life. He wants to use Christopher as a lookout for a home invasion.
Christopher is hesitant in the beginning but reluctantly agrees to T-Top’s proposition. During the robbery, Christopher gets a call from, Stacy, who is the mother to his son C.J. Stacy and Christopher argue about his choice to help T-Top, instead of keeping his promise to stay straight. Stacy is livid. She delivers an ultimatum that rocks Christopher’s world.
At the end of the robbery, it’s time for Christopher to get paid. At the last second, he rejects the payday from T-Top. Christopher has made his choice. He has chosen family, and freedom, over easy money and the street life.

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